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PBB and Pinoy Dream Academy wants YOU!

Don’t miss your chance to be a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2! Or if your luck does not take you to Kuya’s doorstep you might just be the student Pinoy Dream Academy is looking for. Be part of Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy auditions in different parts of the country. For the first time too, ABS-CBN is taking the auditions to Filipinos and TFC subscribers around the world.

Big Revelations in the PBB Big Reunion

39 ex-Housemates in one big night! The first time we’ve seen them all on one stage! The Pinoy Big Brother first season has come to an end and what better way to celebrate it than having a PBB Big Reunion. Not only was it an evening of reminiscing but also a revelation of secrets and unknown facts from the first PBB to the Celebrity Edition to the recently concluded Teen Edition.

Hail the Princess! Kim Chiu is the Teen Big Winner!

Chinese Cutie from Cebu Kim Chiu is declared the PBB Teen Edition's Teen Big Winner at the Aliw Theater, after besting 13 other housemates within a month long stay inside the Big Brother House. Showing exceptional talents, strength of character and child-like innocence, the 16-year-old proved to be this edition's runaway bet.  

The Week That Was for the Teen Big 4

It was like a big rollercoaster ride for our Teen Big 4 this week as they faced the toughest challenges in the entire PBB Teen Edition. There was the anxiety of the separation, the joy of the reunion, the excitement of the island adventure, the acceptance of a failure and another good-bye. But on Pinoy Big Brother things always turn out fine, with good memories and of course a very happy ending.  

Together Again!

The Teen Big 4 are together again! It was indeed a very good morning for our Ambisoy, Gerald, for Mikee, Kim and Clare have returned to the Big Brother House. They were all smuggled inside last night while Gerald was restlessly sleeping inside the girls' bedroom. The good news was even delivered to him by a very special house guest.

Gerald is Home...Alone

In an unexpected turn of events, the Teen Big Four are once again separated by Big Brother. When Gerald was discovered to have cheated at some of the tasks on the island, the big man of the House decided it was time for the Gen. Santos hottie to go home. And after a few hours or so Gerald found himself again confined inside the familiar walls of the original Big Brother House.  

Hello with Love From PBB First Season HM Chx Alcala

Last May 26, a new batch of 10 lucky texters received a personal call from Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 Housemate Chx Alcala. The very alluring Chx surprised fans of the Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay when she called and had a small chikahan session with them.

Nandyan Lang Pala Kayo!

Our housemates have finally found one another! Through the latest 3g technology from Smart, Big Brother let Clare and Mikee in Manila and Gerald and Kim in Alaminos, Pangasinan see each other at last. And now, the half of the Teen Big 4 left in the Metro yesterday are on their way to join their island bound friends.  

Yoohoo, Where Are You?

Clare and Mikee want Kim and Gerald back! Yes, Big Brother has started with his tricks again and has left the Bukidnon Lass and the Pambato ng mga Atenista a mystery to solve. Where have the Chinese Cutie and Amboy ng Gen. Santos gone to?

Farewell to Brenda and Jam, Bisayas and an Atenista Make-up Teen Big 4

The people have spoken! It’s the final week on the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition and your Teen Big 4 is now complete. Kim, Gerald, Clare, the 3 Visayans and Mikee, the brainy Atenista are announced as this Edition’s final 4 while Brenda and Jamilla are the last 2 evictees of the Big Brother House.


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