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The Weekend That Was for the Teen Big Four

It was like a big rollercoaster ride for our Teen Big 4 this week as they faced the toughest challenges in the entire PBB Teen Edition. There was the anxiety of the separation, the joy of the reunion, the excitement of the island adventure, the acceptance of a failure and another good-bye. But on Pinoy Big Brother things always turn out fine, with good memories and of course a very happy ending.  

The Best of the Best


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It feels like it was just  yesterday that 12 teens were dropped off by motorcycles and introduced to the public as this edition's new housemates. And now with just a day away from the Big Night, are left with only four, each with their own unique personalities and endearing ways. They have proven to the country that young people like them have wisdom and substance too. They have shown strength and proof that there is still hope in the youth.  

The House and the Hundred Islands

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Waking up without the other half of the Big 4, Clare and Mikee searched for their partners in crime high and low, not knowing that Kim and Gerald were already on their way to a Hundred Island adventure. Both teams took on similar tasks and were pretty successful too. Clare and Mikee had a little chat with Inday, Kuya's house help and met Donatello, the turtle messenger while Gerald and Kim experienced a helicopter ride and the heat of Alaminos, Pangasinan. Clare wondered about the whereabouts of the two the whole day but after a video phone conference, Big Brother eventually reunited the Teen Big Four.

The Grand Island Adventure

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Together at last, Big Brother had lots of fun in store for the Big 4. On the way to the Big Brother Island House, Clare and Mikee got to relocate giant clams with the help of their new found scuba diving skills. Next the 4 swam into Marcos' cave, not knowing that all the ex-Teen Housemates were waiting for them inside. It was a grand reunion for the HMs, a celebration of the special bond that formed between all of them in their brief stay inside the Big Brother House. It was hugs and kisses all around. The boys even had a Don Romantiko celebratory dance in the water. Then it was off to a sunset picnic by the beach. The Big 4 could not believe Kuya was giving them one treat after another for that evening they were in awe of the fabulous fireworks display that lit up the night sky. The next day Big Brother roused them early, this time for a sunrise viewing surprise. The teens were all very thankful for the experience. Some thought they couldn't or wouldn't do some of the things they experienced like scuba diving but the challenges and tasks, made them determined. They all gave their every all and it brought out the best in them.    

Gerald's Mistake and Punishment

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But the fun ended when Gerald had to face the consequence of his rash actions. He was caught cheating with his and Kim's task and Big Brother reprimanded him. The Ambisoy returned to Manila alone, filled with regret and sadness. He was so full of remorse that he strove to fulfill Big Brother's solo task for him. Meanwhile, the other 3 were still given the royal treatment -- a ride on a yacht while having luxurious massages. Then Mikee, Kim and Clare went up, up in the air with PBB host Bianca Gonzales for a once in a lifetime hot air balloon ride. Gerald may have missed all that but the 3 HMs return to Manila the next day was all the reward Gerald needed to boost his spirits up.

The Happy Ending
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The end is almost in sight! And the fairy tale for one of these lucky teens is about to become a reality. As they do everything inside the house for the last time -- dance Don Romantiko and Kabataang Pinoy, prepare and eat their meals, swim in the pool, brush their teeth in front of the huge mirror, they will soon be facing a new life and making new memories as this edition's Teen Big Winner. Clare the Lass from Bukidnon, Kim the Chinese Cutie from Cebu, Gerald the Hottie from Gen. Santos and Mikee the Atenean's best bet ...The stage is set and their 40 day stay comes to a close tomorrow at the Aliw theater.

Vote for your favorite housemate and make his or her fairy tale come true! Watch the special finale of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Big Night tomorrow, live from the Aliw Theater, right after XXX.  

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