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Together Again!

The Teen Big 4 are together again! It was indeed a very good morning for our Ambisoy, Gerald, for Mikee, Kim and Clare have returned to the Big Brother House. They were all smuggled inside last night while Gerald was restlessly sleeping inside the girls' bedroom. The good news was even delivered to him by a very special house guest.

joli01.jpgGerald was woken up by a huge hand tapping on his shoulder. He was surprised because as of last night he was the only person inside the House. The 'person' who roused him up was a Jollibee mascot! He gave the big bee a huge hug, thankful that at last he has someone to accompany him. He was glad to have someone to dance Don Romantiko with. After a while Jollibee tugged on his hand and led him to the confession room. There, the Ambisoy discovered a bigger surprise than Jollibee. Waiting for him was Clare, Mikee and Kim.


joli04.jpgAfter lots of hugs and kisses, Jollibee treated them to a hearty breakfast. He also gave the Teen Big 4 spaghetti, fries and rootbeer float treats. "Ang dami naman nito," the HMs exclaimed. They thanked the giant bee for all the food. Then they had dancing fun with Jollibee who amazingly knew the steps to Pinoy Ako and Ang Ganda Ko.


ice04.jpgWhen the mascot left, Big Brother gave them their first task for the day. For them to view their adventures in the Hundred Islands, they must get the DVD by melting a block of ice by just using their hands. The 4 immediately sat down to do the task in the garden. Soon enough their hands felt numb.


ice09.jpgBig Brother agreed to the use of hot water to help them hasten the melting of the ice. The HMs placed their hands inside a bucket full of tepid water then when warm enough, they rubbed it over the ice. They all felt cold during the job, Clare even donning on a jacket. But in just a few minutes they were able to retrieve the DVD.


With only 2 days to go to the Big Night, What other tasks await the Teen Big 4? Don't miss any of the exciting last moments on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, nightly on ABS-CBN.


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