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Gerald is Home...Alone

In an unexpected turn of events, the Teen Big Four are once again separated by Big Brother. When Gerald was discovered to have cheated at some of the tasks on the island, the big man of the house decided it was time for the Gen. Santos hottie to go home. And after a few hours or so Gerald found himself again confined inside the familiar walls of the original Big Brother House.


reunion01.jpgIt was supposed to be a joyous reunion, with Mikee and Clare finally joining in the Hundred Island adventure yesterday afternoon. They were even treated to a fireworks display by Big Brother. But soon Kuya reprimanded the Ambisoy because he was caught red handed with his short cuts in the tasks assigned to him and Kim the day before.


cry01.jpgIn the first task where they were supposed to weigh in a certain amount of trash they have gathered along the beach, Gerald placed a rock inside one of the bags of rubbish. Though he was not able to use it, the intent of cheating was there. Adding to Big Brother's ire was Gerald's lack of patience in counting out dead sea corals in a glass. Gerald apologized fervently but the deeds were already done.


sad02.jpgThis morning Gerald was called in the confession room solo. He returned to the other 3 teens with news that he is to go home. Clare, Mikee and Kim were all worried, and told Gerald that Kuya might just be scaring him. "Tatlong araw na lang..." the Gen. Santos hottie kept on repeating those words, regretting his rash actions. The 3 other HMs were called into the confession room afterwards and when they came out Gerald was gone. They felt sad that they weren't even able to give him a decent farewell.


back01.jpgThinking he was out of the running, Gerald was both surprised and sad to find himself alone in the Big Brother House in Quezon City. The young man looked liked he was about to burst into tears. He then heard the voice of Inday, who instructed him to retrieve a message at the front door. After reading the letter, Gerald then proceeded to the garden area.


back05.jpgHere, the Ambisoy was ordered to dive into the pool and gather all the rocks at the bottom. This would probably test Gerald's patience, perseverance and trust once more. While swimming he heard a helicopter pass by over head. This made him look up several times, obviously hoping that he would see his friends walk inside the house soon. But as the pile of rocks rose and the sun set, none of the other HMs arrived to surprise him. As if rubbing salt to injury, Inday repeatedly played the Peng You version Kim sang in the background.

What would happen to Gerald now? How are the 3 teens in Pangasinan doing without him? Don't miss the last 3 days of PBB Teen Edition, weeknights after My Girl.

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